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Production Ability

Dongguan Weixin Construction Base
The production base of Solax in China is home to our manufacturing lines, sales team, and service center. 28 major processing machines perform turning, cutting, drilling, milling, and grinding with maximum machining precision and accuracy. The three-axis machining center is used in the processing of molds, rigid material parts and features an accuracy within 0.02mm. A Japanese Yasukawa welding robot is used to perform automatic welding. Motor test assembly, line assembly, frame assembly, battery assembly and other steps are completed in the assembly workshop. Each scooter product is manufactured according to our own technical standards which are within international testing standards.

Major Equipment
1. CNC machining center
2. CNC engraving machine
3. Yasukawa welding robot


  • Automatic Welding Robot
  • Assembly Workshop
  • Product Warehouse