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Q: How do you charge the battery?
A: There are two ways of charging, you can either remove the battery and plug it in at home or charge it in the car.

Q: What is the battery's life cycle?
A: The battery has a minimum useful life of 2 years.

Q: Weight capacity?
A: 300lbs is the recommended weight limit.

Q: How easy are Solax scooters to fold/unfold?
A: It is easy to quickly fold/unfold the Solax scooter. Just like opening or closing an umbrella, it can be done without tools.

Q: Are Solax scooters easily transported in a car?
A: The scooters fold into compact shapes that can be stored in the trunk of a car.

Q: Are Solax scooters able to be carried onto flights?
A: It depends on airline rules but our scooters are designed for lightweight portability. Some models fit inside suitcases. They will fit on planes, cruise ships, trains, etc.