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Solax Design Concept

Based on safety, performance, convenience and reliability, Solax scooters are designed with the following concepts in mind:
1. Adaptable to Various Road Conditions
SUV automobile suspension system design improves adaptability for a wide range of road conditions, no matter if you are traveling along a city road, grassland or dirt road.

2. Able to Travel with You Around the World
Our scooters comply with international safety regulations and can be taken through security at airports and other travel checkpoints. Our scooters are lightweight and highly portable. When folded, they occupy a very small amount of space. The folded scooters can be stored in the trunk of cars and other vehicles. Some smart models are small enough to fit in luggage.

3. Safety
a. Our foldable scooters can be automatically folded by remote control, to prevent hurting the user by improper folding technique.
b. When the scooter is powered off, you can store it through many methods like putting it in your luggage.
c. The design is ergonomic and with the consideration of the elderly, the user can adjust the height and angle of the operating lever as needed.
d. Intelligent electromagnetic brake system: even upon release the scooter will stop automatically to prevent rolling down inclined surfaces.
e. Car Voice Prompt Reverse System: a siren warn pedestrians to be safe when you reverse.

4. Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Material
The frame of the scooters are made from aviation grade aluminum alloy adding significant strength while remaining lightweight. The scooters can easily transport two adults simultaneously. Normal carrying capacity is 136kg. The battery will last for 1000 hours when carrying 160kg.

5. Durable Wear-Resistant Tires
The tires feature a texture design produced thanks to a consultation with Ferrari. The tires grip the road with excellent anti-slipping performance.Thanks to the solid vacuum tires, you need not worry about the wheels being punctured by nails, glass or other sharp objects.

6. Intelligent Operation Design
As the scooter can be operated with incredible ease, nearly anyone can drive the vehicle. The use of an adjustable knob-sped allows for simple throttle adjustment. Thanks to the international safety speed control system, it has a turning angle protection to prevent rollover.

7. Fun and Comfortable Ride
The user can adjust the seat to the most comfortable position. The seat materials of Solax scooters is breathable and soft for long distance rides. The specially designed cushion meets all international and domestic safety standards and offers the best riding experience on the market.

8. Safe Charging
The design of the unique 3-hole interface charger prevents small children from touching the charging line or accidental contact. Multiple protections make the charging unit more secure. Please turn off the protective cover to prevent dust and foreign objects after charging.