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Power Wheelchair

    1. S7101 Foldable 4-Wheel Power Wheelchair
      It is an ideal personal vehicle for people on the go who may have difficulties with mobility. Unlike wheelchairs, the scooter does not require manpower and can drive into supermarkets, shops, lifts or other places with its high efficiency electric motor.
    1. S7102 Auto Lift Power Wheelchair
      S7102 seat lift power wheelchair - In addition to the forward and backward functions, the user can complete the ascent and descent with just one click. It also configures the horn, speed adjustment function, etc. Especially, its steering is very sensitive and convenient. It is a good choice for you whether it is moving indoors or outdoors.
    1. S7103 Intelligent Control Foldable Power Wheelchair
      S7103 foldable power wheelchair uses non-toxic tasteless PU leather, is an excellent short-distance travel tools, it’s safe, easy to carry, reliable and suitable for people of all ages, does not require human-driven, and can enter shopping malls, supermarkets, bus, subway, high-speed train, airplane, elevators and other places.