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TRANSFORMER 4-Wheel Electric Folding Scooter

 TRANSFORMER 4-Wheel Electric Folding Scooter

● Unique remote control folding
● Safe dot touch fold or unfold function
● MSDS/IATA Approval
● Speed adjustment function (maximum 6 Km/h)
● Adjustable tiller height and angle
● Clear power indicator
● Powerful lithium battery (2 hours continuous operation)
● Lightweight design (23 KG without battery)
● Strong 6061 aluminum frame
● Optional travel case
● Optional light, cup holder, basket and cell phone holder

Application of TRANSFORMER 4-Wheel Electric Folding Scooter
The transformer 4-wheel electric folding scooter is a portable, comfortable, and reliable short distance travel unit. It is an ideal scooter for the elderly, people with disabilities and those with injuries in order to help them with daily mobility. The compact size of the transformer scooter is suitable for use in places like supermarkets, offices, elevators and many more. Scooters such as these are perfect for days at the zoo, theme parks, and museums. Foldable scooter units provide outstanding convenience to people’s lives as it saves time and energy for those who need it most.

Specification of TRANSFORMER 4-Wheel Electric Folding Scooter
Model S302121
Overall Length: 950mm
Overall Width: 450mm
Tires(solid wheels ) "6 inches of front wheel/
7 inches or rear wheel"
Maximum Speed 6km/h
Safe Gradient 0 º-12 º
Maximum Weight Capacity 125kg
Range up to 15km
Turning Circle ≤ 1.4m
Weight (without battery) 23.3kg
Color "red&black/blue&black/yellow&black"
Drive System rear wheel drive
"Seat Height(from the ground )" 560mm
Battery Lithium battery, 24V10AH
Motor 24V 120W
Battery Charger 24V 2A

The Solax Transformer is designed for people looking for a lightweight and portable mobility solution. You can literally fold and unfold the scooter in less than a minute without the use of any tools. Automatically fold and unfold through a remote controller for added convenience. Its compact design enables you to easily transport it on a plane, train, boat or car. Furthermore, the tiller handle is adjustable, enabling you to adjust the height and angle to fit you perfectly. The scooter is designed to perform flawlessly with comfort in mind. The ease of use brings freedom and mobility to those who have difficulties moving on their own. An off board charger is available, so you can charge the batteries inside while leaving the scooter in your car. When your transformer scooter is folded you can simply use the tiller handle to pull the scooter like a rolling suitcase. The transformer folding scooter is even suitable for air travel.

  • If necessary you could fold and take in
  • If necessary you could fold and take in
  • If necessary you could fold and take in
  • Charging position protection
  • Removable and replaceable battery
  • Adjustable seat

*OEM/ODM is available

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